Monday March 19th,2018

from 2pm-7pm

At Hilton Memphis.

(939 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38120)


Five years ago, ContigoCreative debuted the Multicultural Career Expo to unite our city’s best and brightest job candidates with Mid-South businesses that are committed to a strong future built by a workforce that mirrors our vibrant and diverse community.

As we approach our fifth event in 2018, we’re celebrating the amazing accomplishments of our participants, who represent our area’s top employers and over 4,000 skilled candidates from all ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, etc. At the same time, we’re laser-focused on growing so we can match even more job seekers with meaningful careers from the full spectrum of local industries. Next year’s Multicultural Career Expo will reach even more pockets of our city, and we couldn’t be more excited – but we need your support to reach our goals.

​We are seeking local businesses and organisations to join us in this innovative, creative effort to build a stronger and more cosmopolitan community by keeping diverse local talent at home.

The Multicultural Career Expo is funded entirely by support from sponsors and exhibitors, without relying on public money. We also remain firmly committed to paying the dedicated employees who staff the Expo and make it an excellent event year after year. Therefore, your support is crucial to our ability to once again provide a world-class event for our community.

In our fifth year, we’re excited by the partners who have already come onboard. We’re thrilled to welcome the Society for Human Resources Management-Memphis, and we look forward to once again producing a team of sponsors and exhibitors that reads like a “Who’s Who” of the Mid-South’s top employers. We hope you’re join ContigoCreative and these influential organisations as we make the 2018 Multicultural Career Expo our most impactful event yet.

Just like pieces of a puzzle connect to create something bigger and better, together we can write a narrative of a community that succeeds based on the talents of hardworking people of all walks of life. We’ve built a clear track record of success by being a bridge between employers in need of specific skills and career-seekers with the cutting-edge talents and experience today’s global marketplace demands. As an influential Mid-South employer, you can help highlight how vital local talent acquisition and retention are to Memphis’s bright future, and demonstrate your commitment to enhancing diversity in the workplace.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us on this event.



Alexandra Matlock


Just like pieces of a puzzle come together to create something bigger and better
Multicultural Career Expo helps write that narrative of a community that succeeds based on the talents of hardworking people of all genders, races, nationalities, etc.
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